The Discover Platform

This will provide you with the instructions to utilise the Woomio Discover Platform – meant to locate influencers within the market you desire and the social networks of your choice.

On the Discover Platform you’ll have an overview of every influencer on Woomio as well as the option to specify every desired requirement – finding the influencer that perfectly fits your marketing strategy.

We have provided 4 distinct options that can be chosen individually or combined to make it as easy as possible to find your qualified influencer candidate. Either use FILTERS to narrow down your search, BY INFLUENCERS to discover that specific candidate, display candidates through the social network you prefer on PLATFORMS and specify your DEMOGRAPHIC PREFERENCE by adjusting them to your liking.

By clicking KEYWORD SEARCH, you can explore search terms that encompasses the influencers you are looking for. This can be done either through an influencer name, a overarching topic or specific product.

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-14-04-20For instance, search a topic, e.g. fashion, travel or foodand before you know it have a wide arrange of influencers to choose from. Likewise, search specific products, e.g. lipstick, books or handbags, and thousands of influencers will be available to you.


There are 2 options to choose from when finding your influencer.

First, locate your influencer through the COUNTRY of your choosing. The countries are arranged in alphabetical order and represent the country your desired influencer lives in.


Second, Woomio also offers the inclusion of INFLUENCER NETWORKS. These communities consists of larger or smaller groups of influencers banded together through management. Managers take care of the economic aspects with influencer collaborations as well as making sure the blog is up and running, ad hoc tasks and the design of the website is up-to-date.

Take for instance Denmark’s largest influencer network, Bloggers Delight – with an estimate of 250 bloggers. They are all on a macro-influencer level of 5.000-10.00 followers, who stand stronger together as a package than they would individually. There is also the option of independent influencers, who either work by themselves or have teamed up with other influencers without professional managers administrating their finances and professional collaborations.

You can choose between both types of networks or pick individuals based on their followers and social outreach. This means that whatever type of influencer you may prefer, you’ll find suitable candidates through simple network selections or not.

platforms3. PLATFORMS
The next step is choosing the social media platform you desire for your marketing campaign. Options offered (as of now) on Woomio is BLOG, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE. Select between one or several social platforms you wish to utilise and where you want your campaign distributed.

After having selected the social networks of your choice, you can adjust from minimum to maximum the number of FOLLOWERS your influencer should have. Continue by selecting which AUDIENCE COUNTRY your campaign is aiming its outreach. Finish your demographic search by selecting your AUDIENCE AGE range. Here you pick between several age groups that have been put together. Finally select AUDIENCE GENDER, picking between male/female or both.

Step-by-step example
Let’s showcase how one would typically use the filtering process to find a potential influencer. Let’s say you’re selling nutritional food delivered through a weekly subscription. You wish to promote this great service and want to find influencers who focus on food, care about nutrition and has authority on the matter among their audience.

overviewfilters-desktop-1Start by typing in the keyword you believe encapsulates the influencer you’re looking for. In our example “healthy food” was chosen.

Locate the country you wish to sell your food delivery subscription. We have picked Denmark.

No influencer network has been chosen.

You wish to sell this product on the influencer website and since food is a popular item on Instagram, you’ve also included the social platform.

You wish to start with a smaller audience, but have some range when it comes to the influencer that suits your business best – choosing 3000-25.000 followers. This example has also picked Denmark for its audience.

On the blog you want your audience to be between 18-54 of age since food is an area that brings in many demographics. This also goes for gender, where food captures both male and female.

On Instagram you want the same reach as on the influencer’s blog: 3000-25.000. You want to stay in Denmark since you’re looking for Danish customers.

Compared to the blog you want to skew your Instagram followers a bit younger. Approximately between 13-34 of age, because the average age that utilise the social media platform is lower than blogs. Again, both genders.

Following the filtering options used in this step-by-step example, the Discover Platform suggests Marie Klee who runs the food-blog,, as the most ideal candidate when finding an influencer located in Denmark. She has a good number of followers and fits perfectly within the realm of advertising for a nutritional food delivery subscription.


That concludes our step-by-step example of our How-to Guide for Woomio’s Discover Platform. We hope the guide helped inform you on how to find your perfect influencer candidates.

Coming up: Woomio Business Cards and Influencer Profiles.
Here we will elaborate on the information available to you about influencers on the Woomio Discover Platform.


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