Should marketers spend money on amplifying influencer content?

There is still stigma among marketers to pay for amplifying influencer content. Let’s discuss the advantages of boosting content and how businesses can expand their discoverability through paid amplification

You might already have thought to yourself: ‘Isn’t the whole purpose of influencers in the first place to utilise their expansive network so businesses can reap the benefits?’ And that’s a fair question to ask when discussing additional costs in boosting the content already posted. Why would influencers need more money from business partners to amplify their content when the initial marketing strategy is to simply pay influencers to sell their followers products?

During its growing pains, influencer marketing was viewed as a marketing tactic, where the common opinion was to not boost content. However, algorithms have changed, data has changed and consumerism has changed. Today, paid social media is essential in any marketing strategy in order to reach a broad or niche audience.

There is much technical jargon floating around when we’re discussing influencer marketing and amplyfying content. Let’s clarify a couple of things. Having someone amplify (promote) content through social media basically refers to the influencer who through their customers, fans and employees endorse products. However, paid amplification usually comes from business partners. Why is this important? Social amplification or boosting can first and foremost build brand authority, but also improve search engine optimization and social status – leading to brand awareness.


Influencers has a strong relationship with their followers and can organically draw in the audience marketing content cannot. By amplifying influencers even further it allows businesses to target and acquire additional audiences – using influencers as leverage when consumers pick their products. This allows companies to reach beyond their built-in audience and expand the scope of their campaign to target specific demographics.

Let’s say someone is looking for a white teething kit that you’re selling, but the person does not follow an influencer who is promoting the product. By using paid social media marketing and excellent influencer content, you’re white teething kit can target exactly the person looking for that specific product. Of course, there are plenty of other companies competing for the same marketshare. Every click and engagement matters. That’s why using analytical tools on e.g. Facebook and Twitter is so important when figuring out what content has an effect on the targeted demographic.

Boosting influencers is also good for building healthy partnerships, which is one of the most important aspects businesses can do when employing influencers with their marketing efforts. Social media and content are no longer separate, but very much integrated into how people make their purchasing decisions. By boosting influencer content found on relevant channels, strongly branded and shareable, influencers can reach whatever intended audience a business desires.

Remember, it’s important to give before you can receive. Meaning that in order for influencers to do their best, marketers has to contribute more than just the product. Marketing on social media is far from free, but the investment will pay off in the long run if influencers are amplified by collaborating business partners. Influencers will naturally take advantage of the extra financial support and use their power to affect brand presence and audiences purchasing decisions.

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