Easy Tips on How To Optimize Your Engagement on Youtube

With 500 hours of video uploaded to Youtube every minute, it has quickly become one of the largest and most engaging social media platforms. The enabling of more in depth content in form of videos has made Youtube a preferred media for many.

In this blog post, we will give you 8 tips on how you as an influencer can increase your engagement on Youtube.


Be authentic

Youtube is radically different from other highly popular social media platforms because it allows you to post long and edited videos in HD. Many popular Youtube channels are centered around the specific influencer running it and it is so much easier to read people through video. People are drawn towards and influenced by authentic people. However, they also get thrown off by people who seem fake. To create a strong bond with your viewers, be real.


Post frequently

As with any other social media, it is important that you post frequently so people don’t forget you. Many Youtubers have posting schedules they make public to their subscribers so they know when to expect a new video. Some people post once a week, others post a couple of times a week and some post everyday. It depends, but typically viewers are expecting to see new videos, which is also characteristic for Youtube as a social platform.


Ask your audience to like your video

There’s no shame in asking your audience to like your video if they enjoyed it. A good tip is, if you’re having a discussion, tell your audience to like the video if they agree with a certain point. If you want to be more direct, just ask and tell them that it helps your channel.


Start a discussion in the comment section

If your video entailed a topic up for discussion, tell your audience to share their view in the comment section. Usually the comment engagement on Youtube is relatively high, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that a positive community is created. Hence, you want to influence the conversation.


Know when your audience is online

Knowing your audience makes you able to know when they tend to be online, which means that you can plan your posting schedule after it. It’s a good idea to post when people are online, because your video will pop up in their feed, which will increase the amount of subscribers viewing it.


Remember to make use of tags and description

Tags and descriptions make your videos searchable. So be sure to make use of that. The description box also helps with any kind of information your audience would want to know when viewing your video. It is a good idea to link to social media there. If you mention specific products or services, it is also here you should link to those. However, an important thing to remember is to remind your audience that there’s more information in the description box, because most people will not remember or know.


Use annotations

Youtube enables you to make ‘annotations’ (clickable links) in the middle of your videos. If you’re referring to something, like a website, it could be good idea to make use of annotations because are reminded then and there to click the link. But note that people are can disable annotation, so there’s no guarantee your audience will actually see them.


Mention sponsored content

This one goes hand in hand with the authenticity part. It’s okay to post sponsored content sometimes but make sure to either mention it in your video or to write a disclaimer in your description box. Depending on which country you’re living in the laws might vary, but you should always be honest with your audience when a video was sponsored. If you’re always transparent and people feel you’re completely honest in your reviews, your reputation won’t suffer. Most likely it will have the exact opposite effect.



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