Easy Tips on How To Optimize Your Engagement on Instagram

With more than 2 billion users worldwide, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. It’s become a key platform in many influencers’ work.


Use hashtags

Hashtags are genius! Why? Because they’re searchable. It means that people will be able to find you through the hashtags you post. If you post a lot of hashtags it’s recommended you post them as a comment on your post. Otherwise, it can be distracting and look unprofessional. Choose your hashtags wisely, to make sure to attract the right audience.


Create your own hashtag

Creating your own hashtag can bring many benefits. With your own hashtag you can encourage your audience to use it, which will

1) make them more engaging

2) spread your brand and profile further out.


Comment on profiles in your niche

Sometimes all it takes to attract some engaging followers is to be engaging yourself. When you’re active on profiles in your niche, their audience might notice you and check you out. It will hopefully create some engagement on your page as well. However, it should be said that when commenting on others’ posts BE GENUINE! People can smell dishonest and generic comments from far away!


Have a call to action

Tell your audience what you want them to do. Maybe you want them to click the link in your bio. Or like your photo. Doesn’t matter, just ask. I promise it will make a difference.


Use geotagging

Use geotagging every time your photo was taken in a place with relevance to your brand. Maybe you attended a bloggers event and posted some photos of it. If you use geotags then other bloggers’ audience might find you through the geotag. This way, geotagging is a good way to reach people not already in your audience.


Post frequently

With any social media, people will forget about you if they never see anything from you. Make sure you post 1-3 times a day to keep your audience interested, but also keep in mind that if you post too frequently it can result in them becoming annoyed.


Business profile

Turn your instagram profile into a business profile. You benefit from all the insights you get! When having a business profile, you have access to analytics of about when your audience is most active, where they are from and which of your posts that have performed best. Having a business profile also gives the benefit of looking more professional as an instagrammer.


These were some tips on how to optimize your engagement on Instagram.


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