Easy Tips on How To Optimize Your Engagement on Facebook

If you’re an influencer looking to optimize the engagement on your Facebook page, you’ve come to the right place! Facebook has some complicated algorithms that can be difficult to figure out. Engagement is important not only for your overall influence but also for your attractiveness with brands looking to collaborate with you. Below we gathered some tips on how to increase your Facebook engagement.


First, let’s take a look at the actual engagement possibilities on Facebook.

Likes on your posts

Reactions on your posts

Comments on your posts

Shares of your posts

Clicks on links in your posts


Increase likes

To get people to like your posts and to engage with them in general, it’s all about knowing your audience. When you know what they find interesting and relatable, you will easily be able to catch their attention and they will automatically like your posts. In general, it’s also important to be consistent with posting. The more you post, the more your posts will be pushed to people’s feeds.


Increase comments

To increase comments it’s always a good idea to include a question in your post. That way, people have something specific to comment on. Also, it has become increasingly popular for people on Facebook to tag others in the comments when they see something they also want their friends to see. Be aware of this and you can use it to your advantage.


Increase shares

People will share your Facebook posts if they find them especially interesting. When they share your post, it will appear on their profile, which means that it will represent who they portray themselves as online. It means that only if you make really ‘shareable’ content, your Facebook fans will share it. This means high quality, outstanding and relatable content.


Increase link clicks

It might sound too easy, but if you tell your audience to click the link, they will be more likely to. People need to be guided and as long as they already like your content (because they already liked your Facebook page) they would be more open to clicking a link if you tell them to.


So to sum up..

Be relatable, ask questions, make content interesting to your audience and ask people to do what you want them to do.


Other factors might also play a role in the amount of engagement you create…


Time of postings

Here, again, knowing your audience will pay off. If you know when they’re typically online and where they’re from (i.e. which time zone they’re in) you will be able to reach them at the time when they are most likely to see your posts.


Type of images

As an influencer you most likely know which kind of pictures to post, just keep in mind that you might want to vary your content a bit depending on which social media channel you post them on. All the biggest social media channels have different characteristics, and by adapting to these you will get the most out the audience on the given social media.


Post frequency

The frequency of your posts is important. Facebook’s algorithm will automatically push your posts to more people’s feeds when you have higher post frequency and higher engagement. So it’s really just about getting into the positive circle of posting a lot, getting out to more people and get a higher engagement. And from there on it will hopefully only go up.


We hope these tips will help you on your journey towards higher Facebook engagement. Happy engaging!


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