How To Get the Most Out of Collaborations With Brands

In this blogpost we want to help you understand what brands are focussing on when doing collaborations with influencers like you.

Having a profile on Woomio means that brands and agencies, which are looking to work with influencers like you, are able to contact you for possible collaborations on their marketing campaigns. We want to make sure that your collaborations become successful, so we gathered some insights into what companies want from a collaboration in order for them to think of it as successful.


Beware of KPI’s 

The brand will most likely have some KPI’s (key performance indicators), before they go into a collaboration. They might have a certain reach or engagement etc., they want you to obtain. Hereafter, your creative freedom might vary. If you were given numbers like these, they’re important to keep in mind when doing the collaboration. Especially in regards to how many of your social channels your sponsored content should be posted and how many times.


Spell check, spell check, spell check!

Most of you probably know that this is important, but we wanna emphasize it once again. In our ongoing dialogue with brands, they have made it clear that they view it as very unprofessional and unsatisfying if their sponsored posts have any spelling mistakes. Therefore, we encourage you to do an extra spell check before hitting ‘publish’.


Showcase product clearly

If you, as a part of your collaboration are going to endorse physical products, make sure that they are clearly shown in your posts. If you post a picture of you using or wearing the product, make sure it is noticeable and not covered by other objects. It’s a good idea to have an open dialogue with the brand about how much in focus the product should be. If you’re a Youtuber, this is especially important, because review videos containing more than one product review are common on Youtube. You don’t want the product to disappear among all others. You want people to really notice it.


Post only high quality images

Your posts reflect you and your brand so if your pictures are dark and grainy it reflect bad on your brand as an influencer. Think of the brands you collaborate with as a client. They’re giving you compensation in return for a service. It’s a good strategy to treat them as valuable customers, as partners, which means that you would offer them the best of what you’ve got.


Make sure to write an intriguing text/caption

In today’s world of constant information overload, it’s important that your content stands out in general. But when a brand put their name on your content it’s a good idea to make sure you write an intriguing caption to catch people’s attention, so that they will actually go on to read further, and hopefully click onto the brand page and make a purchase. 

Don’t forget #sponsored 

if this is forgotten. It varies from country to country what the regulations are so check up on this before you post.And last but not least, remember to mention a campaign is sponsored guys!  You and the brand can end up in some serious trouble.


These were some tips on how to make sure your collaborations with brands become successful. We hope getting the other party’s perspective helped in understanding them better and what they want.

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