4 Tips to Gain Readers and Higher Engagement Via Google Analytics

Okay, okay, we’re aware that the data world is new to most of you bloggers out there. But the reality is businesses want data. It’s a fact that cannot be denied.

If you, like most other influencers, have been used to being creative and focus on delivering beautiful and intriguing content that attracts people through the great interweb, this posts might be helpful.

“Businesses want data, and even though it seems scary to open up and be transparent about your data, it can actually be very beneficial for you to be as data focused as the businesses!”

Simone Holland Møller, CMO at Woomio & blogger

But what if we told you that you can actually get to know your audience better by learning to understand and use your data to your advantage? And what if that meant you could connect with your audience in a new and more personal way. And as a result, become even more influential because you know what they want and when they want it.

First things first, you need to have Google Analytics installed on your blog. If you haven’t done so already follow our easy guide here! We completely understand that hard data like this can be intimidating, but the benefits are waiting right around the corner. Here are some of the things Google Analytics can help you with.

Which content is performing best?

Using Google Analytics will allow you to see which are your most viewed and commented blog posts. That way, you know which topics are the most popular with your audience. That is a valuable insight to have when it comes to brainstorm ideas for future blog posts.


To find this data in your Google Analytics account go to:

Behavior → Site content → All pages

Where does my traffic come from?

Another perk of learning to use your data to your benefit is to keep an eye on where your traffic is coming from. Is it when you mention a new post on Instagram or Twitter? Or do people seem to come to your blog through the direct link? It can also help you see if that Facebook post you boosted actually converts into readers! In other words it will help you to find out where to put your efforts when you market your blog.


To find this data in your Google Analytics account go to:

Acquisition → All referrals

Who are my audience?

This becomes much easier once you’ve enabled demographics and interests. We guide you through doing that here. Now you’re able to see the age, gender and interests of your audience. This will assist in helping you create content that is clearly directed at the people who read your blog. When you have a clear niche or segment, you will be able to attract more people interested in that niche.


To find this data in your Google Analytics account go to:

Audience → Demographics → Overview or Interests Overview


Where is my audience located?

A way this report can be helpful for bloggers is when trying to find the right time of day to schedule posts. If you know you suddenly have a lot of readers in a country with a completely different time zone you can post according to that.


To find this data in your Google Analytics account go to:

Audience →  Geo →  Location

Analytics has shown to be a very important factor in increasing audience growth and improving audience relationships. We hope this blog post was helpful in understanding why learning how to use your Google Analytics data is so important to your blog and overall influence.

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