Business Cards and Influencer Profiles

This will elaborate upon influencer business cards and profiles – displaying the information you need to find your influencer candidate

In our previous Woomio How-to Guide, we went through the Discover Platform and how you can use filtering options in your search to discover influencers. This time around its about the influencer information available to you on the Discover Platform.

Business Card
businesscardThe Woomio Business Card showcases details that might concern you at first glimpse when selecting an influencer candidate. The influencer is displayed with picture and name. Underneath you see links to their website and which social media platforms the influencer is active on. In addition, the total amount of followers the influencer has combined is displayed under available social media platforms.

Click on VIEW PROFILE and you’ll be taken into the influencer profile with detailed information on the influencer’s past collaborations, number of followers, audience age/gender and engagement from followers.

Influencer Profile
Here you’ll have direct access to the influencer website and a short description laying out their brand – what distinguishes the influencer and what audiences can expect from their content. Further, you have their location and if the influencer is independent or part of a influencer network. Number of total followers are displayed as well as keywords that define their subject area. The tick-boxes identify the influencer’s website and social media platforms. If this is all the information you need to make your choice, click on CONTACT INFLUENCER. This will directly get you in touch with the influencer’s email address and you can start planning your marketing campaign together.


If you’re still not convinced, scroll down to PREVIOUS COLLABORATIONS, meaning campaigns the influencer has worked on in the past. This gives you some inkling on which type of companies the influencer has worked with previously, potentially strengthening your confidence in the influencer and bring them credibility. A great track record usually means you’ve found a high-performing influencer.


You can also gain insight into the influencer’s FOLLOWERS. Every site is shown with the precise amount of followers, starting with the influencer’s WEBSITE, FACEBOOK-, INSTAGRAM- and YOUTUBE account. You both see the individual number and percentage for each social platform.


A great feature is AGE RANGE, showcasing the exact percentage of which age groups this influencer has as followers. This is important knowledge if you’re after certain demographics.


Next is AUDIENCE. In addition to dividing up the age groups, you can access additional information on which gender is following the influencer shown in total percentage. The bar will indicate the ratio of male and female who are following the influencer.


Finally, there is ENGAGEMENT. Here you can see the engagement level of the influencer’s audience. Choose to see the last 10, 30, 50 or 100 posts and Discover will tell you the total average of views on the influencer’s website, total amount of likes, total amount of comments as well as the total average of shares on social media – all in percentages. Underneath there is a bar giving you the total amount of engagement on all four indicators.


This concludes the Woomio How-to Guide – Business Cards and Influencer Profiles. We hope this guide was helpful in understanding the information available to you when discovering influencer candidates.

Coming up: Woomio Measure – Part 1. 
Here we’ll guide you through the tool that helps customers create reports and dig deeper into crucial data that until now has been impossible for marketers to extract in the past.


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