Influencer lessons from Kim Kardashian West

What can we learn from one of the largest influencers out there? Regardless of Kardashian West’s followers, locating your demographic and defining your brand can be equally as important

Yes, there are already gazillions of articles out there covering both Kim and the additional Kardashians in every angle and detail. No matter how you feel about the Kardashians, you cannot deny that they are excellent influencers and has successfully defined their brand. There are several valuable influencer lessons worth noting about the Kardashians. Let’s go over what makes them so damn successful, especially Kim Kardashian West.

The simple answer to the Kardashian’s success can easily be boiled down to celebrity. Yes, celebrities often spark our interest, but behind Kim Kardashian West’s model and reality stardom there is plenty of substance considering her targeted outreach and laser-focused brand.

Kardashian West, and her fellow siblings, are both fashion and cultural icons. From Kardashian West’s social media success alone its easy to see that she has spent time getting to know her audience and strategically determined how to engage them. Kim knows her audience and proves it through Instagram – showcasing her glamours life as well as family, fashion shoots and advocacy for products. Simply put, Kardashian West’s demographic of avid fans can be categorised as females between 15 and 30 of age and fashion entusiasts captivated by the sensationalism that embodies her persona. Having a global following of 85 million Instagram-followers (Oct. 2016) makes Kardashian West one of the rare mega influencers. Perhaps the most far-reaching and famous of them all.

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One out of many magazine covers posted by Kardashian West on Instagram

If you ask a marketer what the 3 most important aspects they look for in an influencer, you’ll most likely hear:

1. Content and how it matches up with the marketers brand
2. Influencer demographic (age/gender/geo)
3. ‘Influential power’, meaning influencers presence on social media and how strong the engagement is from their followers

Kardashian West makes the most out of all 3, where the products she sells are related to her lifestyle and clearly showcased on her Instagram account. Her demographic fits perfectly with a female audience interested in purchasing beauty products, fashion magazines or popular celebrity merchandise. Finally, the amount of followers and engagement from her audience makes her ‘influential power’ immense and highly attractive for marketers.

Looking away from her tens of millions of followers, why does marketers want to bring Kardashian West onboard as an influencer?

1. She can offer up products that creates excitement among her followers, which extends upon her brand.
2. Her influence and authority within the fashion world generates considerable attention
3. By using her own language Kardashian West get’s to lead her influencer campaigns, which fit perfectly with how she normally approaches her audience on Instagram

In Kardashian West’s case Instagram works as her influencer hotspot, which is many marketers platform of choice. You may wonder why not Facebook? Even though Instagram has been owned by Facebook since 2012, the social networks are very distinct when it comes to content. While Instagram has followed the cultural-centric path of aspirational lifestyles, Facebook has stayed focused on social networking and connecting with friends. This makes Instagram an ideal tool for Kardashian West to mix her lifestyle and brand with influencer marketing.

The infamous and controversial SugarBearHair advertisement

Influencer marketing is all about people. This makes communication, flexibility and creativity critical for building a successful influencer campaign. The obvious advantage of using Kardashian West is the ability for businesses to market their product through her popular brand and high-quality content, which is tailor-made for her audience. Balancing the relationship between marketers and influencers is essential when moving forward with influencer marketing. It’s important to remember that this is a collaborative effort, meaning both the marketer and the influencer share the risk, failure and success – making them equally responsible.

Kim Kardashian West knows her brand, her demographic, her platform and what makes her popular. This attracts marketers regardless of how many followers she has. That’s why influencer platforms like Woomio will matter in the future, where the process of finding influencers has been streamlined. The platform can provide relevant and granular information regarding influencers brand and demographic, no matter the amount of followers.



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