Social Media Beginners Guide Part 3

Having built the foundation of your SoMe profiles, gotten a handle on content, interaction and engagement, Part 3 will take you through how to attract followers and typical SoMe mistakes to avoid

After gaining insight into who your audience are and how to appeal to them, I’ll now provide some common sense advice for attracting more followers. First, we’ll look over what you can do yourself to attract attention and grow your audience either as an influencer or business. Secondly, we’ll go through 3 common mistakes that are easy to make when user engagement goes down and you feel desperate for those pleasurable dopamine rewards such as likes, comments, shares and clicks.

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Attracting followers
You now have your SoMe strategy up and running, posting relevant content, communicating with your audience and people in your field. This means that you’re number of followers is increasing every day, right? Not necessarily… Even when you do everything right it still might not be enough to reach the SoMe goals you desire as an influencer or business.

As a start off point you can take a hard look at your influencer role or company and narrow down the field of who you want to follow. In addition to having your friends and employees follow your pages and you, forums and online communities, don’t hesitate following companies and personalities in your field as well. Even though you might not know who they are yet, these can easily be found through analytical tools. Use them to search within your industry through keywords and locations to find similar influencers and businesses in close proximity. Search bars and hashtags are always useful. Utilise them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to discover people you as an influencer or company could potentially benefit from.

With this in mind, how can you turn your hard work in reaching out to people and business, and make them into your very own followers? Here are 4 common sense tips that are easy to overlook when you’re developing your SoMe strategy.

1. Be visible
Have you and your potential business employees display your website and social media channels in the email signature. This might spark curiosity, which will lead people to your SoMe pages and an easy follow.
2. Cross-channel marketing
Link your SoMe profiles on your company website and blog. Some nice looking tick-boxes, which are prominently displayed, enable people to follow all your SoMe pages in a single click.
3. Outreach
Whenever you do newsletters, promotions or anything of that sort it will most definitely attract people’s attention. Let them easily find out all the details through links to your SoMe pages.
4. Introduce yourself
Post or tweet at businesses you follow in order to create a connection, be followed back, shared or retweeted. Usually 25-40% will follow you back if you engage in any of these activities. You’ll be surprised how little engagement can create substantial growth on your SoMe pages.


3 typical SoMe mistakes to avoid
So you have your loyal following, you know how to attract followers and obviously you want to keep them. Most articles covering this topic will usually focus on what to include in your SoMe strategy, but few actually tells you what to avoid. Here are 3 recommendations on what to steer clear of in your social endeavours.

1. Like-baiting
You always hear about quality over quantity and there’s a reason for that. If you feel desperate for likes or traction on your SoMe pages please try to resist the urge of quick and simple solutions. Like-baiting, meaning the practice of posting provocative posts or controversial headlines hardly ever pays off and rarely offers your audience anything of substance or insightful information.
2. Too many posts
Yes, also posting too much can create fatigue and annoy your audience. Remember that people follow you because they like what you do as an influencer or business. So, don’t exhaust them by having several posts per day that drown each other out. Avoid a magnitude of content and use your analytical tools – see what resonates with your audience and avoid spamming their feeds.
3. Only advertisements
Being an influencer or business it’s easy to get bogged down in content that usually ends up only advertising what you’re selling. This is obviously allowed, however, do so in moderation. If you’re a business, your audience know what you’re selling – they don’t have to be reminded every week. Otherwise your followers will become quite dull with your posts and engagement will falter as a result.

So there you have it. Attracting followers is definitely tricky business. However, after having laid out the groundwork you will slowly but surely grow your numbers every week. Just don’t go in with the presumption of surpassing your social performance every week. Have realistic expectations and be patient.

Mistakes wise, its mostly related to the content you post and basically not overdoing it. Stay levelheaded and before you post always consider if your audience would benefit from the information.

In Part 4, the final segment of the Social Media Beginners Guide, I will end the series with general tips in regards to SoMe advertising.

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