Social Media Beginners Guide Part 2

Continuing from Tuesday blog-post on how newly started influencers or businesses can kick off their social media journey, this week its all about the 3 essential ingredients for social media success: content, interaction and how to engage followers

Having built the foundation of your SoMe profile, now is the time to focus your efforts on content, interaction and engaging your followers. A large following means nothing if the content does not captivate your audience, and no engagement means no interaction. These three can make or break your SoMe presence, making them essential for the continued success of your social outreach. Using content, interaction and engagement correctly will make you able to target your audience, create excitement around your posts and attract the followers you want.

Part 1: 4 simple steps to start off your social media journey

9 content proposals
It cannot be emphasised enough how important quality content means for your business or influencer profile. Here are 9 content proposals to get you started creating distinct and high quality content.

1. Share your own online content and blog. Naturally having a process in place where you show off your own expertise within your field provides trust and credibility among your audience.
2. Business relevant posts such as articles, images, videos, statistics, recommendations, etc. are useful to show that you are constantly up-to-date. However, always make sure they are relevant to your audience.
3. Insider news or tips also showcases your knowledge and what is currently occurring in your field. Again, bringing with it trust and credibility.
4. Exciting events within your company is a great way to sell your business. Also events attended by you as an influencer could be relevant news for your audience. Use it to spark excitement and grab the attention of your followers.
5. Follow up on holidays by being aware of festive times such as Christmas, Valentines Day or other types of festivities. You can create posts that are topical and feel special for the occasion.
6. Echo your brand, so your SoMe profile always revolve around you the influencer or your business. This should also be visible in the content that’s being posted.
7. Curate your audience by posting content that resonates with your followers and expertise/corporate image.
8. Promote others, but always have something to say. Never share or retweet for the sake of it. Write a short comment to personalise the post and make it relatable to you or your business.
9. Design your own content or have people on board who are creative and capable of designing personalised images, videos or articles are always a good thing.

Be attentive by monitoring what is being Liked, Commented and Shared


3 sensible ways of interaction
Many have a hard time differentiating interaction with engagement and often people categorise them as one and the same. However, I have chosen to view interaction as approaching people online and how you portray yourself, meaning tone, personality, sensibilities – basically act in a way that has an effect on someones intuition. Engagement in that sense becomes a way of taking part in a direct conversation or discussion. Having clarified the two, here are 3 tips on interaction.

1. Humanisation
By having a human face attached to your social profile helps followers connect with you or the people behind your company. Followers will always want to support a likeable influencer or group of employees rather than a faceless social account.
2. Customer interaction
Always reply to people who post, tweet or comment towards you or your company in a friendly and helpful manner. By having a high level of personal interaction you can win over early adopters.
3. Watch the competition
Always follow and be inspired by competitors in your field. Study what works and what doesn’t, that way you can modify your approach and be more effective.

Please be creative and find your own style and voice

5 tips for engaging followers
Engagement should never feel forced – be natural and be yourself. Engaging with people that sound phoney or overly enthusiastic can turn people off from your social profile. Do some practice runs. Not every single engagement will be successful, but as long as you don’t overthink it more often than not people will respond.

1. Engage one company or person a day and make sure the content is relevant and timely.
2. Engage users with questions and receive feedback that leads to discussions.
3. Reply to users posts/tweets.
4. Share/retweet others and compliment them.
5. Use analytics. All SoMe platforms have analytical tools that can be used to monitor your social activity. Analytics are also a great way of discovering successful engagement and influential profiles in your field.

The right engagement can result in increased exposure and outreach

Four Social Steps

Well, what are you waiting for? Start creating quality content, interact with your followers and engage them through interesting conversations. You won’t be successful every time, but through practice and time you’ll know exactly what’s effective for your social growth.

Check back in next week for the Social Media Beginners Guide Part 3, which will cover how to attract followers and typical SoMe mistakes you should avoid. Stay tuned.

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