Social Media Beginners Guide Part 1

To get ahead in today’s social media environment newly started businesses and influencers need to accelerate their social performance in order to have an online presence. Here are 4 simple steps to start off your social media journey

I know, getting a handle on the ways in which you can utilize social media (SoMe) for your benefit can often be tricky. Especially, considering the tough competition among businesses and influencers to stand out socially in their field. Everybody wants to succeed, but where do you start?

In this 4 part series I will lay out the basics for how newly started influencers or businesses can utilize simple SoMe marketing strategies in order to get you started. What you might find surprising is that many SoMe strategies work across businesses and influencers alike, allowing them both to utilize the same tactics to build a following and be a voice within their respected industries. To kick off, you need a foundation for how you as an influencer or a business should proceed. These 4 steps will help you get started on your SoMe journey.

Step 1: Content-based profile
The challenge of promoting your business through shared content on SoMe lies in the preferred method of encouraging topics that are typically related to your followers. As you know, most users utilise SoMe to connect with people, not businesses. This also relates to new micro influencers, who need engaging posts to create an audience. However, by having a social profile which focuses on content, people will want to seek out your posts. Meaning whatever your field is, stand out by being a voice that people trust. The purpose of a content-based social profile is making connections, where followers can rely on your content and are interested in the content your profile provides.

Through a content-based account people will connect based on common interests, and followers will want to check out the content you post for your opinion and potential discussions.

Step 2: Appeal to users
In order to gain a following, you need to spark people’s interest in either you as an influencer or your business. This can be done through:

  • Having an acute understanding of your expertise or corporate image in order to find communities you can appeal to.
  • Implement keywords in posts making it easier for social users to identify your brand.
  • Use online differentiation by searching through similar companies and influencers to figure out how you can stand out among the them.
  • Establish a regular publishing schedule in order to daily provide content to your followers.



It’s important to stay consistent in order to build and keep a following


Step 3: Use forums and communities
Your outreach does not have to necessarily end on SoMe. Well established online communities and forums can be just as beneficial as social groups and pages. By tapping into external online communities you can participate in discussions and share interesting ideas that are related to your company or role as an influencer.

Participate in moderation, though. Engaging with too many communities is not sustainable over time. So, be smart and aim your social activity towards communities that are within your expertise or corporate image – resulting in awareness and a social following.

Step 4: Employee advocacy
The final step might be difficult for influencers and definitely challenging for businesses depending on your employees. However done correctly, you can achieve a significant outreach among a diverse set of social users. One of your largest marketing assets are your friends and employees. By having them use their social profiles to advocate for your business or you as an influencer, you considerably increase the possibility of attaining exposure, build brand awareness and gain more followers.

Ask your friends to promote your page by sharing the content you post or use your employees to spread what your company does on SoMe. It might be an awkward process in the beginning, but implemented correctly and you’ll have a much larger outreach than just relying on your own social network.

Now, with these 4 steps in mind, develop the SoMe strategy you as an influencer or business can benefit from as well as making yourself a lucrative collaborator.

Check back in Thursday for the Social Media Beginner Guide Part 2, where I will discuss more in-depth content to post, tips on interaction and how to engage followers.

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