Woomio Employee Spotlight – Alex

Having joined the Woomio team after only living in Copenhagen for six days, Alex’s determination and passion for sales has driven him to where he is today

Being Woomio’s Head of Sales and originally from Greece, Alex has since his youth been striving for success within sales. At an early age he took on all kinds of jobs to sustain himself as well as his family. As a young waiter Alex already learned some important lessons within sales, where a simple pitch could upsell food items such as coffee and ice-cream to customers. This sent him further down the salesman spiral by selling products for Microsoft and Nokia, to structure sales teams for startups. In terms of the sales pitch, Alex has always followed some principles when it comes to how he approaches customers.

“If you’re a salesman who promotes a company don’t lie, but give them the necessary push they need to select your product by building a professional relationship and providing support. Also giving a great first impression can go a long way in helping your customers make the right decision.”

The economic environment in Greece took a toll on Alex’s previous profession – forcing him to take a chance on the startup community in the Danish capital, which has steadily been gaining momentum over the last couple of years. Having been on a scholarship in Copenhagen back in 2012 and having the opportunity to share an apartment with his brother, made the decision to leave Greece easy.

“It feels so right being here and the idea of Woomio made such an impact on me that I decided in that moment that I wanted to work for the company. I would never be able to sell a product I didn’t believe in and since I’m a very genuine person I’m happy that I can sell the Woomio platform with confidence.”

Even though Alex’s future is in Copenhagen at the moment, he hasen’t forgotten about his past and family.

“My farther always said: ‘If there is a solution there is no problem’. That has become my motto, which is a great way to approach sales and bring support and satisfaction to our customers. I have always liked listening to people and find the solutions they need.”

Alex is still unsure where he is going to end up professionally, but he is easily satisfied if he can be be productive and passionate about what he does.

“I don’t care what I do as long as I’m happy with what I am doing and can work a lot. I like being part of a team and I wish to expand Woomio’s business and bring the company forward.”

We in the Woomio team welcomes Alex with open arms and are excited for what he can bring to our company as Head of Sales.

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  • September 28, 2016 at 12:34 am

    Way to go !
    All the best on your new endeavour.


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