The constant struggle of being a content marketer

struggle of content marketerAre you a marketer? Then you’ve probably heard about the talk of the town in 2016, which is the endless benefits of working with content creators! However, this is a field where many have tried but a lot have failed. When we go out and talk to clients we mostly hear about the struggle of getting the necessary data before and after a campaign.

According to Digiday, a general issue that marketers struggle with is measuring digital content creators’ real influence online. Currently, engagement, views and number of followers is available information. More in-depth data, such as time spent with content is still not for everyone to see. This means that marketers have a really hard time measuring on their content marketing campaigns and identifying content creators to work with, in the first place.

We furnish your opening into the world of content creator analytics.

We know how important it is to track your progress and to be able to collect the data in an easy and hassle-free way. We take pride in giving you the overview you need over your campaign performance. But at the same time giving you in-depth data, detailed enough that it’s going to give you insights into how you can improve from your status quo.

Woomio offers all the tools you need as a marketer, to measure on your content marketing initiatives. Our software was created to help your brand save precious time by giving you the data you need to identify the right content creators for your brand, as well a reporting tool to measure on your content marketing initiatives.

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