The Influencer Marketing Arbitrage


Why You Should Take Advantage of The Influencer Marketing Arbitrage – Now!

The marketing landscape is going through huge changes, and everything indicates that influencer marketing is going to revolutionize the future! However, if you really want to profit from the next big thing in marketing, you shouldn’t wait too long before taking advantage. Because the window of opportunity is slowly closing and the influencer marketing arbitrage won’t last forever.

Cheaper Than It Should

Influencer marketing is currently an arbitrage. An arbitrage is when something is selling for cheaper than it is actually worth. There’s a massive amount of influencers out there and not that many companies are running influencer campaigns. This means that the cost of launching an influencer campaign is a lot cheaper than what the effect of the campaign is really worth!

In addition, many influencers aren’t aware of how much they’re actually worth. Advertisement on social media is far from a new thing, and a widespread example is using celebrities to promote content. A single tweet from someone like Snoop Dogg or Kim Kardashian could cost up to 20.000 dollars. This is because celebrities know how much they’re worth and they charge according to their value. But this isn’t the case for most influencers! Even though they might have double or triple the amount of followers, and in some cases are even more effective for your campaign, they’re still a lot cheaper! However, this won’t last; soon influencers might be in the same price range as the celebrities – so the time to act on the influencer marketing arbitrage is now!

Don’t Just Expose People To Your Brand – Make Them Care About It!

Most people are tired of ads! We install add-blockers on our browsers and watch our favorite TV-shows on Netflix in order to avoid being interrupted by something we don’t want to see. Most people simply don’t pay attention to ads anymore, and the fourth or fifth time someone has to shut down a certain popup on their screen, they’re not thinking about the content of the popup – they’re just annoyed!

Influencer marketing on the other hand grabs peoples’ attention. It doesn’t just expose a brand or product to a lot of people where most of them are indifferent or annoyed; it targets the right consumers – the ones that are interested in what you have to offer! After all, they’re already following the influencer so they’re obviously interested in what that person has to say.

If an influencer recommends a product that, he or she genuinely likes or cares for it no longer feels like advertisement. It feels like an authentic recommendation, like the advice of a friend – and that’s what people trust!imp-7

How Long Do You Dare To Wait?

In other words, influencer marketing is incredibly effective and cheaper than it should be. But not for long! Soon the market will catch up and the arbitrage will close. Everyone’ll want to get a hold of the influencers and the prices will adjust accordingly.

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