Launching Our New Platform

All new Woomio

What Can Our New Platform Do For You?

If you don’t already know who we are, please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are, Woomio, a company helping to connect influencers and companies.

We just launched the leading influencer platform, making it possible for influencers to create their own media kit, in just a few minutes. This media kit is a part of your profile, which will be featured on our influencer platform. The platform is searchable for brands, looking to work with influencers, like you, and makes it easy for influencers and brands to connect and collaborate.

In addition to our new platform, we also have Denmark’s leading affiliate platform. The platform makes it possible for influencers to create links for products they showcase on their blogs and social media platforms. The items purchased through the links will generate a commission for you as an influencer.

Here at Woomio, we put an emphasis on information sharing and data to create transparency for both influencers and brands. And we’re super easy to use!


I’m an influencer, why should I sign up?

Because when you have a profile at Woomio, you have a great possibility of being discovered by your favourite brands. You make your own unique media kit that makes it possible for brands to see if you are relevant for them to work with. Apart from that you get access to Linkster, which gives you the possibility of making money on your links.

You can get in contact with brands who show a genuine interest in and know the importance of working with influencers.


We’re a company, why should we sign up?

Because you get access to our influencer platform, which is a powerful database where you can discover the right influencers for your brand. Furthermore, influencers will be able to create affiliate links from your webshop, exposing you to their followers.

For more information visit us at

Get Started

It is super simple to create an account! If you are an influencer here is how you do it.




  1. Go to and click the ‘LOG IN / SIGN UP’ button.
  2. Type in your email and desired password.
  3. Go to ‘Media Kit Settings’.
  4. Attach your social media and fill out your information, such as relevant categories and blogging network. This way it is easier for brands to discover you.
  5. Go to ‘Tools’ and download ‘Linkster’.


And Voilá! You’re all set and ready to go. We hope you enjoy!

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