4 Quick Tips To Make Money With Affiliate Links

4 quick tips to make money on affiliate links

“How to make money on affiliate links as a blogger” are pretty popular words to search for on Google. And with good reason – it can be tricky to master! 
After you sign up for Woomio, the first order of business is how and where to share your link so you can generate some referral income. Here are some quick tips from the best bloggers who monetize on affiliate marketing.

  1. Focus on a Few Affiliate Partners

    Rather few promote affiliate partners heavily rather than making affiliate links to all the affiliated webshops out there. It can become too much to juggle and it doesn’t become trustworhty in the long run. However, one way to help the readers and get a feeling of which programmes that work and which that doesn’t, you can feature a monthly sales roundup. Eg. ”Bargains and discount codes of the month!”. Keep track in your dashboard which links and webshops your readers clicked on the most.

  2. Choose To Affiliate With Webshops That Match Your Blog’s Content

    That way, your readership will be more responsive to what you’re sharing because it’s within your niche.

  3. Sometimes It’s Ok To Ask

    Sometimes you can just come right out and ask for clicks. Eg.“Hey girls, these are my affiliate links and I’d really appreciate if you would consider using them next time you make a purchase since it helps me keep the blog running!”. Just don’t forget to say thanks every once in a while, too.

  4. Display Your Collection

    A good way to display your affiliate partners is to create a page on your blog that lists all your affiliate sites, with a brief description of each. Share this page once in a while on your social media, or link to it within blog posts. It can also be printed on business cards or included in the signature of your outgoing messages.


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